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The Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Workshop

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Presentation Skills Workshop

The Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Seminar - 

Recorded LIVE at Harvard in Cambridge, MA

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Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Seminar

Group Workshop or One on One Coaching

  • Executive Presentation Skills Coaching​
  • Custom Team Presentation Skills Coaching
  • One Day Custom On-Site Presentation Skills
  • Five Day - Intensive Presentation Skills Program
  • Download MP3 Audio Workshop with PDFs

Learn Razor Sharp Presentation Skills

  • Learn to present technical information clearly, concisely and persuasively
  • Learn a variety of persuasive techniques
  • Learn to speak with improved projection, pace and articulation
  • Learn to overcome anxiety and nervousness
  • Learn to develop a specific plan of action for each presentation
  • Learn to eliminate distracting mannerisms and body language, eye contact and tone of voice

Much more, request a custom onsite workshop, coaching session or download your MP3 audio and workbook today!

The Razor Sharp Presentation Skills Seminar

Learn to make powerful, impactful presentations!  PDF Workbook, Three One Hour MP3 Audio Downloads

Recorded LIVE @ Harvard - in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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